Color Psalm

You are more colors than my eye can see!


You are more colors than my eye can see!

I sing you, but I cannot sing you true—
I sing you dark and dull and drab and gray.
I dance you, but my steps are pale and slow:
I dance you olive green and navy blue.

Give me peacock feet and scarlet song!
You are everything swift and wild and strong—
Everything delightful, merry, and free—
Azure rain and blinding, golden sun.


Oh, everything wise and awful—fill my tongue
Viridian and marigold and ocean,
So when I sing you, you are truly sung;
Then let my feet with laughter overflow,
And I will dance you amethyst and flame.


The midnight heavens rejoice at all you say,
The sea-green waters answer back the same—
Oh, everything brilliant, marvelous, and bright—
Open my eyes so I may see you right!

You were color before color came.

© 2012 Deborah King