The basic bio.

My love for books started when I was very young. As a kid, I read anything I could get and dreamed of one day being a writer and illustrator for children. Today, I’m an associate copy editor of nonfiction and kids books at Tyndale House Publishers. I’m also pursuing an MFA in writing for children and young adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Aside from reading and writing, I love doing crafts, fixing up old furniture, and generally making the world a more beautiful place. I also enjoy traveling and getting out in nature whenever possible. I’ve lived in Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, and Michigan, and am currently learning to call Glen Ellyn, IL, my home.

Things I am.

I am a teller of stories: sometimes in words, sometimes in pictures. Vega in the Lyre is a place for me to tell you a story, with my words and with my art. It is sometimes a real story, sometimes a made up one. But I hope it is always a story that is true.

I am a child of God: fully loved, fully forgiven, adopted, redeemed, accepted, made new. This is my truest and most profound identity.

Things I love.

I love stories that take me to a world where I’ve never been before. It might be a world that only exists in the author’s mind, or it might be a world that is separate from me in time or space.

I love writing for children and young adults. Growing up is hard. The world is exciting and scary and everything is changing too fast. But anything is possible, too.

Things I believe.

I believe that God is the deepest and biggest reality there is. We are realities that He was delighted to make, delighted to love; He is the reality that has always and will always be. My musings are often about God, and I think that my stories are also about God, because that belief seeps out into everything I do. I hope there are glimpses of God in what I write.

Things I want.

I want to write stories that make chills go up your spine (in a good way). I want to visit Peru and New Zealand and Italy and Ireland. I want to dance and live and laugh and love and learn and grow and be. I want to tell the story of the universe. I want to go hang gliding. I want to speak the truth always.