Welcome to my site!

I’m Deborah King—an author and illustrator of children’s fiction, and a thinker on things lovely and transcendent, profound and glorious.

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I hope you’ll stay a while and have a cup of tea with me. There’s lots here for you to read and discover. Here’s some suggestions for where to start:

Fantastic Tales.

If you enjoy fantasy fiction, I hope you’ll read my stories “Dry Bones” and “The Grim.”

Lyrical Verse.

If poems are your thing, I’ve got quite a few posted on the blog. You can see the full list here.

Metaphysical Musings.

Here’s a few of my favorite ponderings on God and life.

Choose Your Own Adventure.

You could also read more about me, check out my blog from start to finish, or take a look at some of my art for children.